Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fantasy League, weeks 6 & 7

Whoops, been a little lax with the updates lately. Sorry about that. So, where are we with the league? Well, after missing week 5, I came back and played during week 6, which was dubbed "hero hammer week". Basically you could ignore the core requirements and ignore the hero/lord limits.

At first I was going to bring a dual lord combo, vamp on dragon, and tomb king on sphinx. But the way the points played out, I'd be giving up a lot with limited potential to gain. So instead, I went for the tactically smart move and went with only one hero, and packed as many character killers as I could find in my army.

All it all it turned out okay. I got to play a deamon army which was nothing but characters, and although he slaughtered my poor vamp hero, I was able to get a few kills in myself and rack up some points. My second opponent was a skaven player who brought quite a few characters, and then plenty of units as well. This did not work out so well for me. He had a deathstar unit, and while I did what I could, the characters were just too fast and too deadly for me to deal with. My hero got killed along with the rest of my army and he didn't lose a single hero.

Week 7 I missed. It was cold out, I was not feeling it...so I stayed home and played Neverwinter a whole bunch. What can I say, I really love that game.

Week 8 is already looming. I need to refocus and get back into this league. I've fallen too far behind in points to win it, but that is okay. I've played more games in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years. And I painted some models. I call that a win.

Next month the league ends in a tournament which I am signed up for. I won't have a fully painted army for it I'm afraid, but I'll be closer than I was before.

Then come Janurary, the same club is starting a 40K escalation league. I recently got three new forces which are vying for my attention. I have 1K in Militarum Tempestus, all NIB, I have some Space Wolves that came from the new campaign box (plus a few extra in trades), and then I just scored a great deal on Tau. My new 40K collecting strategy is to get small forces of the models I like and use the allies rule to field full armies. So basically, I need to figure out which of these will be my primary detachment, and then who gets to play allies. Tempestau? Militarum Wolves? Space Taulves? heh...I like that last one. Yay for variety!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fantasy League, week Five

So I made it this past week, which was pretty good. I notice that as it gets dark and cold, my desire to leave the house plummets. :) But I actually did make it out and down to WoW for league night. I was a little late though and so there were already games going on. And as this week was two on two games, that meant I didn't get to get in on one. Instead, I played a one on one game vs Ogres. We each had three special bonuses given to us that we could play at any time. I had: +d6 to a charge, -3 to a casting value, and unit gets Init 10 for a round. Not bad.

My army consisted of:
Tomb prince
liche priest
24 skeletons with hw + sh, full cmd
16 dire wolves with doom
sphinx with fire breath
black coach

We were playing 1250 points. What I should have realized at this point was that I was missing one of my units, the morghasts. But I didn't until about turn 4. Oh well.

Still, it was a pretty fun game. He had a large unit of bull ogres where his tyrant and BSB went. Then he had some shooty ogres, another small unit of bull ogres, a stone horn, and then a sabertusk.

The highlights are as follows:
He shot my LP with the stone horn bolt thrower, which I didn't realize it had...my own fault. I can't ever seem to make a LOS roll ever. So no healing for me :(
My sphinx though walked up and flamed his large unit, killing an ogre or two, and then took a charge from the saber and unit. I concentrated all attacks on the BSB and killed him. It would have been tied but since the sabertusk was there, I was able to thunderstomp it which gave me the two wounds to break the tie. He failed his LD test and my kitty ran them down.

My coach charged his small bull ogres and broke them, but failed to catch them. Then his stone horn smashed into the BC, wounding it, but not destroying it. Here I did a horrible thing and then charged in my direwolves into the flank of the stone horn. I had hopes that they would secure me a kill, but alas, they wiffed horribly. They offered up a ton of wounds for his side and poof went the coach. This was when I realized I didn't have my morghasts as the BC only died due to combat rez and the morghasts would have saved it.

My SSC actually hit three times during the game, and brought his stone horn down to one last wound right at the end of the game.

My TP and skeletons did great against his shooty ogres, but then got wiped out by the stonehorn. At the end of the match, all I had was my sphinx, with two wounds gone, and he had his stone horn with one wound left.

All in all, a very fun game. Not bad for missing 160pts. We had both taken lists meant to be played with a partner, so I'm sure that had an effect on the game. But really, it was very enjoyable.