Friday, May 8, 2015

I am a really big slacker

So yeah, goal? what goal? Where's that edit button? Did I say last week? I meant this week....err no...I mean next week...yes, that's week I'll paint my models.


So then what have I been up to? Well, I did get in another game of Kings of War this past week. I brought out my elves to face off against some undead in a 1500pt learning game for a friend of mine. He ended up winning by about 120pts or so (over what he needed to get a win). We did make some minor mistakes, but for the most part, the game went very smoothly for a learning game.

We used the latest (v2.4) of the beta army lists for the game. So far, I think the tweaking is going very well. They have really nerfed shooting. So much so, I'm wondering how much it will be worth even having it in lists. For example, in my elf list, I had one archer troop and two bolt throwers. My opponent had nothing but hordes and I really had no good targets to go after (characters hid mostly). They did get lucky (both good and bad luck) during the game. But really, I could have used those points better taking a bigger cav unit, or more forest shamblers.

Plus, I want it on record that they are making a big mistake with Large Infantry and Large Cav. You see, for every other unit type, you have Troop, Regiment, Horde, and then Legion sizes (not all get these, but these are the four that exist). Now, Regiment is 2x the size of Troop...but done through depth, ie additional ranks. Horde introduces 2x by doubling the frontage. Legion then adds more, but does so through depth again. Frontage is a pretty major factor in this game. It determines how many units can charge you, and how you maneuver.

Well, Large Inf and Large Cav don't follow those rules. Why??? beats me. I've brought it up on the forums, but was shot down because the rules are now in stone. Basically, those units only have Regiment, Horde, and Legion. But Hordes are 2x Regiments with depth (ie ranks) instead of by frontage like the other units. Thus, Hordes for LI and LC get all the benefits of being a horde (stats and army selection bonuses), but get to keep the same frontage as a regiment. That is a big balance mistake in my mind. You just removed a fairly major disadvantage to those types of units. And there really is no reason for it. I don't see why these can't be changed in the army lists. Does it kill the game? No. But armies that can take advantage of this, will perform better on the field than they should. You heard it here first. :)

Oh, and in other news I am going to go shoot my rifle for the first time this weekend. Pretty excited about it. I'll try to take some pics. Well, until next time.