Thursday, June 28, 2018

I did say it was a long crusade...

This is going to just be a quick update. I am alive. I am employed. I am still gaming.

"but why haven't you been blogging?"

Honestly, because I haven't been thinking about it. For quite a while I was concentrating on finding a job, and the rest of the time, trying not to get super depressed about not having one. There really wasn't room for anything else.

But recently blogging has come back into the brain and thus I'm here. I have several balls in the air, and I'll hopefully prep some better content to share real soon. In the last few months, I've been playing some 40K, some bolt action, and even a little bit of AoS. Also been playing Overwatch a bunch...just can't help myself, its a fun game. Oh, and I even finally tried out my airbrush. Which............ would be a great place to start my next blog post.

So keep gaming and I'll hopefully be posting up a new update soon.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Where the hell have you been??

Okay, so no one really asked that... Anyways, yeah, what a topsy turvy time these last few months have been. First off, I lost my job shortly after that last post. No kidding. Thanks for 22 years and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

So clearly my priorities have shifted from posting in a blog to finding work. And I've been doing just that...not finding though...lots of looking...searching....not a whole lot of finding. But you don't really want to hear about that. But I needed to bring it up to at least give a small excuse for not posting for several months.

Since September though, I have actually squeezed in some gaming here and there. Thankfully my D&D group is still meeting. That really helps to keep me on an even keel. Who knew? And, I've actually being playing some 40K. I started to sell and trade some stuff in order to get my hands on a Genestealer Cult army. The models are just fantastic and I'll have to remember to take some photos eventually. All I've done though is collect and build, no painting as of yet. But I did actually use them in a game. I went against some orks and they did okay. I actually think my opponent would have beaten me had he kept is mind on the objective. However, when genestealers start popping up behind your lines and charging your vulnerable units, I completely understand reacting to it. So basically in a very short amount of time, I was able to wrangle up a whole GSC army.

More recently, I went to a crafting retreat with my wife. So while she did scrap booking, I built models. We got to do that for a whole weekend away from the kids. I got so much done. I highly recommend it.
Not bad. Several broadside suits, a riptide, the new commander model, and some pathfinders and breachers too.

Besides the hobby stuff, I also have had more time to play computer games (you know, when I needed those breaks from all the job searching). Been doing a lot of Vermintide. A friend helped me relearn the game again and actually use the system they built for it. Still needs some tweaking, but not bad for a few runs each day. I've also still busting out the Overwatch, although I did uninstall it for about a week or so after getting a little frustrated with it. However, now they have this new character called Moria or something and it totally fits my play style. So had lots of fun with that.

Oh, and in the wargaming world, I watched a vid on the fate of Dystopian Wars. The gaming company that Wayland Games owns bought the rights for Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada I believe. Anyways, they are integrating DW with their own Wild West Exodus game. So they are rewriting some of the background for both in a brand new melding of the two. They are calling it Dystopian Age and putting out three separate games all within that framework. Nice to see DW get another chance at life, and will be interesting to see what they do with the rules. So to answer a few important questions, they are making new models, they are even changing the scale for some of it, but they also intend to make sure your existing models are still okay to use. So cool stuff on the way.

Oh, and I also got a new Ammo Box mini bag from battlefoam. I loved my FoW bag from them and was very bummed when they stopped making it. Well I guess the licensing ran out or something. Anyways, I found the Ammo Box at my LGS and was very happy to see a new bag that will work just as well. It is filled with pre-cut FoW sized trays, and even has a nice pluck tray for doing odd models and planes. Woot!

Okay, so I think that is it. I'm looking for work, still gaming, and going to try to get the blog thing going again. I'm pretty sure I can promise another update before the new year. Maybe even work in a battle report. :) Exciting no?

Till next time...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bad Games

This past weekend I played a game of Kings of War. For the most part, I have found KoW to be a fairly well balanced game. Even when things looked bleak for one side, they could normally come back and make it close. That had been my experience so far.

Then I had what can only be described as my first bad game of kings of war. We were playing 1000pts, and this was for the new summer campaign they had started. I was asked to bring an "evil" army, so I brought an undead force. I opted for what I thought was a well rounded, fun to play against, army. I had a troop of vampire cav, a troop of werewolves, a regiment of skeleton spears, and a regiment of revenants. To top it off, a lich king, a necro, and a catapult.

I faced off against an ogre army. He had a horde of beserkers, a horde of normal ogres, a regiment of flamethrower guys, a giant, a boom wagon, a bsb and a goblin hero. Now I have already gone off on my issue with Large Infantry for KoW2. The smaller footprints they are allowed to have compared to other armies, to me, is unbalanced. But I was ready to see how my army fared against his.

What did strike me odd was the fact that he had nothing but regiments and hordes, while I had troops and regiments. That meant stat wise, he had the advantage (this is what I thought at the time). So I was a bit confused how our armies were even.

Well the game made it all the way until round two. In round two, I failed to route his berzerkers with my cav (he had been hit by his own exploding wagon previously, and his bsb saved them). His guys then counter charged my cav, and despite needing 5+ to wound, put 10 wounds on the unit. He then sent them on their merry way. Next his ogre horde charged the spearmen and routed them as well. His giant then hit my werewolves (whom were guarding the flank of the cav) and waivered them. So in one round, he decimated my previously unhurt army. The game was over. His giant and berzerkers would finish off the werewolves. My revs would charge and bounce off his ogre horde, who would then charge into them and most likely send them off. We were playing a control point game, and he was going to wipe me from the board.

So again, I had to go back to the armies and look at how this was such a total and complete thrashing. I did make mistakes. Perhaps I was too quick to charge into his berzerkers, but the table was getting smaller and I didn't want to give him first charges. I did fail to realize my liche king was inspiring, so he could have backed up the cav and might have saved them. And granted, he got really lucky with his berzerkers. Average roll should have given him 5 wounds and he doubled that.

What got stuck in my head though was the fact that he had the same number of units that I did, but his were hordes and regiments, while mine were regiments and troops. Of course, now that I've had time to go over the armies and such, I do see that the Large Infantry stats are appropriate based on cost. They still get the army selection advantage from their unit sizes, but points wise, their hordes are equal to other units regiments, their regiments are equal to troops....

It took me days though to digest everything. At the time I was convinced that ogres were just broke. In the end, it was just a bad game. And those happen. Unfortunately it soured the experience for me and really put me off of Kings of War for several days. Hopefully this will teach me to keep my cool a little bit better and roll with the bad times because like it or not, it's going to happen.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dystopian Wars 2.5 game

This past weekend I was able to actually get in a game of Dystopian Wars. Yes, there is someone else in Portland that plays! Unbelievable.

I totally forgot to take pictures, but you really aren't missing anything. We did a 750pt game and I brought a battle flotilla from the FSA. I faced off against a bloke called General Eric from the spartan forums and his Prussian fleet.

This was a friendly learning game as I had not tried out any 2.5 games yet and just got the digital rules a couple days before. I haven't even read them yet...just glanced here and there.

I think we went through 5 or 6 turns in around 3 hours. That is pretty good for Dystopian Wars. Granted, we didn't play with all the bells and whistles, as I wanted to focus on core mechanics, but still, the game flowed fairly well. In the end, my FSA limped off the field of battle. My dread was almost dead and I was down to one gunship, vs his barely damaged battleship. I did a ton of damage to his smaller stuff, but the dice failed me on a few crucial initiatives and one round of shooting at this battleship. He was able to keep plinking away on my dread and made it completely ineffective. That Rugged 2 on his battleship was just harsh.

It was fun though and again, the play went fairly smooth. So that is enough proof to have me spend more time reading the book. Who knows, maybe 2.5 will help resurge the game in this area again.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

All Is Not Lost

Ha! snuck in another update before a month had past. Whew! Not bad considering I was out of town for two weeks with no internet. <shudder> But as you can see, I have survived. So, what is up in Brother G's gaming world?

The tabletop wargame world has really taken a turn towards the strange. I have people asking me to meet up to play Dystopian Wars and Kings of War. Wha huh? All the while my own interest was to get going with 8th edition 40K. Yeah, I'm not sure when hell froze over, but damn. Either that or I need to check to see if everyone has a goatee. Bizarro world no? Long time readers will know that I have tried several times to get people into the former games, and have blasted the latter for its evil policies. Okay okay, that isn't true...I don't have any long time readers....

What can I do but take a stand and help these minorities by adding another player. Just have to hope that the scheduling can work out. Also, I need to figure out what KoW army I want to play, and I need to dig out my Dystopian Fleet. I'm going to go with the Federated States of America this time around. Long long ago, they were my first fleet, but I gave them up when I had heard that an Italian fleet was going to be produced. And then I bought a Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet to hold me over until the Italians got released, but then discovered they were only going to be a secondary nation...long story slightly shortened, I own FSA once again and will be fielding them soon. Now I just gotta paint them all over again.

The prospect of which KoW army is going to be a little trickier. Apparently I am the odd man out for a league which means I need to have two armies? One for the side of good, one for evil. No idea what I want to do yet. I'll think of something.

D&D has been going strong, though current group is on a summer break. On my trip back east, I did meet up with some of my college buds (some haven't seen in over 20 years), and we gathered for some D&D one day. What a blast! It was like the last two decades hadn't even gone by. So much fun. Wish I could see them more.

Not much going on with the PC front. Still playing DDO and Overwatch. Keeping an eye on Total Warhammer 2, but will wait until after release and then get it on sale. Pre-order is for suckers. Oh, and I have played a few games of Vermintide with one of my college friends. Not bad...will give it a few more tries.

I'll try to start posting up pic of the Dystopian Wars fleet I come up with. That painting is fairly easy and enjoyable for the most part. Until next time.

p.s. Rick and Morty season 3 has started. God damn that is a funny show!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Plague Wind

Ugh and howdy,
That's right boys and girls, old Brother G. has contracted Nurgle's rot and he is not happy. First off, I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post. Must have lost some time in the warp there. So much has been going on and it is mostly a blur. So bear with me as I try to recall some of it.

So first up is 40K. Seems like forever since a GW game has been a priority, but here it is and rightly earned. Well I got my box set in, as well as my Xenos II book. That book was the best purchase for me. I own all the flavors of models for the Eldar, and my painted 40K army is the necrons. So I can use that whole book. Looking through it, I've been focusing on the Necrons and it doesn't seem like that army is out of whack in either direction. Solid units and rules, but nothing abusive so far.

I did make some purchases as some ad mech models became available at a good price. I'm also going to be trading some ork stuff away for the Xenos I book. Beyond that, my wallet is officially closed to the hobby for the time being. The Summer has been crazy busy, and if I can find time to play, I have the rules and models for several armies already.

Flames of War has pretty much died out for me. The company's decision to go with this slow roll out of material and models for only two factions has really bummed me out. I love mid war, and I love my DAK and Italians....I also love my 8th Army Desert Rats...But so far only two books are out and they left out a ton of units that I own. They just killed the momentum for the release. I suppose if you don't own any FoW, then the release would make sense. But as an existing player, with multiple mid war armies, this sucks. Before we got beautiful books like Afrika that contained everything we had for every army. Now I have a book that contains the rules for DAK and maybe a quarter of the units? So Flames has been put on the backburner once again, waiting for them to give me the rest of my mid war armies.

Surprisingly, Dystopian Wars popped up on the radar recently. Found out there was another local player who actually played the game with a few friends. Nothing has happened except for a few messages back and forth, but who knows...I may be breaking out the models for some DW action.

Digitally, there is quite a bit of movement. DDO is still going strong, although summer has made our group shrink from time to time as people go on vacations. Blizzard actually got me to play Heroes of the Storm again with a few events and I actually am having fun doing elite AI runs. Still going with Overwatch from time to time as well, but I quit if it pisses me off to much. Gotta work on that temper of mine. :)

Also, I'm looking at upgrading my system again. My daughter's PC has been having issues, so I started looking into upgrading hers at first...but then when I saw the prices and performance differences, I realized it was time to update mine as well. That should be happening soon, as I've decided upon the update, and now just need to pull the trigger.

So for the gaming stuff, that's a pretty good recap I think of where I'm at.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

8th edition 40K has arrived

Hey Sportsfans,

As much as I hate to admit it, the gaming airways are pretty much filled with the sounds of 40K. Despite my long standing issues with GW, I have to say they are knocking this one out of the park. In just two days, the new 40K set goes on pre-order and I'm expecting it to blow up. Already the internet is flooded with info from the new army books.

From what I have seen, GW has done a good job and took this quite seriously (unlike some of the stuff that made it into AoS). As a huge fan of orks, I was very happy to see the rules they have received so far. I think they are one of the most characterful armies in the game and now you can actually take those units without being blasted off the table.

Of course, we won't know anything for sure until it actually gets in the hands of players and games are played. And we also have to mention that there is no whining. I have yet to hear someone come up with a legitimate issue. Simple rules. Rules for all existing models out at launch! That right there is unheard of for 40K. No more waiting a few years after new edition to get your new book. Day one, you have your updated rules for your army. That is a pretty huge undertaking and they did it well.

For anyone local to the Portland area, the Ordo Fanaticus club is having a garage sale at their Western Oregon Wargamers location. It will be going on this Saturday starting at 11am. They typically end up with 10-20 people bringing games, books and models for sale or trade. Deals are to be had. Sometimes whole armies can be purchased. I know I've got stuff that I don't need and will try to sell.

My D&D group is going very well. So happy that I have a steady group that I enjoy playing with. We are still using Pathfinder and that seems to be going okay. For someone how never jumped on that train, the amount of info and options is a bit overwhelming. But all in all, its still D&D and that is what matters most.

Flames of War has gotten bowled over by the 40K hype I'm afraid. I probably should be on the looking for some of the stuff I wanted to get...but honestly, all thoughts and extra cash are going to be going to the 40K set and those books...which I need 4 out of the 5. My fault for having so many armies I guess.

Apparently the Dystopian Wars kickstarter stuff should be hitting in June as well. Wonder if I'll even notice it? Let's face it...the biggest thing on my mind is which army to focus on for 40K. :)

Until next time....