Thursday, February 11, 2016

March of the Eldar

Man, this is taking a lot longer than I had hoped....perhaps if I wasn't so lazy about it, it might actually go faster. So yes, boys and girls, I'm still plugging away ever so slowly on my collection. Recently cataloged was my eldar collection.

I've always liked the Eldar. I wish I had collected more of the rogue trader models back in the day. As it stands, I really only have a handful. I do have the original aspect warriors that were released, well most of them. I just really like the old models. So much character in them. The new ones are nice of course, in fact I think the Eldar are one of the best lines that GW has ever done.

You'd also think that maybe I would have some models painted. Unfortunately, I only have a handful done. A couple of years ago I started on them once again, with perhaps the hopes of doing a whole army's worth of models. As usual, my gamer ADD put and end to that. But you never know, perhaps I'll wonder back to them again.

Not as large as my orks, but a fairly sizable army I think. I also really need to start assembling more. Somewhere in the middle of that is a nice number of original harlequin models.

I think this finally wraps up my 40K armies. Next up should be the rest of my fantasy armies. Or...I may just pack everything away and come back later to cataloging. The wife unit wants her basement back. Until next time...

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