Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dystopian Wars v2.0

So tonight marks my return to Dystopian Wars. This should not surprise anyone as I have a recorded history of jumping from one game to another. I used to have an entire blog for Dystopian can see it over there to the right. However, due to my game jumping habits, I closed it down to have a single blog that encompassed all the games I play.

Anyways, I decided to give the rules another look and the game another try. The sort of sad part about why I hopped back to it, was due to the fact that no one locally has managed to ruin the game for me. I just can't stand competitive meta. And that is almost all you see when you look at the really popular games. Well the one nice thing about Dystopian Wars, is that it isn't popular, and hence, no one is really breaking it. And I'm not going out and looking for it either. I do love the background and design of the game. The models are great.

So tonight, I'll be taking it slow and learning the game with a buddy of mine. Hopefully we might draw in a few more, but if not, then that is okay too. I have three fleets, so I have lots of variety to play with already. One of the great parts of the game is that you don't need to lug around a huge case of minis. It does seem to be a bit "counter" heavy with all the various chits they have. Hopefully though it won't slow the game down.

Tonight we have the Chinese facing off against the FSA. Both are my fleets as my friend's stuff is all packed up after a recent move. Both forces are 500pts exactly and consist of a Battleship, a few Cruisers, and then some Frigates. I think the FSA will probably have the advantage here, but we'll see. If the Chinese can close the distance, those flamethrowers can be pretty nasty. I'll try to remember to document the whole thing so that I can post up a battle report tomorrow or over the weekend.

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