Monday, March 13, 2017

Rainy Days

The pacific northwest is living up to its rep this Spring. I haven't seen it rain so much since the late '90s. This always creates a huge lull in any painting I want to do as rainy weather makes priming impossible. Okay, so maybe not really impossible, but it has been so long since I brushed on primer that it pretty much feels like it.

On to gaming. Well the search for the two missing vanguard models has pretty much been called off. I have no clue where those models could have gone. At this point, they are lost to the warp. I did trade for a new kit though, so I'll be replacing them shortly. Still, I hate losing stuff.

I have also been purchasing some air brush paints recently. I found some gift certificates that have been building up over the years and finally remembered to bring them with.  My son also surprised us this weekend by coming up and getting all of his furniture out of the garage. So with some work, my garage man-cave can be reassembled and I will have space to pull out the airbrush. That is exciting and scary all at once.

I also made some bolt action purchases with that money. I would have liked to have spent them on GW stuff, but GW retail is just too expensive. And GCs are basically money. If I'm not willing to spend cash on GW, I'm sure as heck not going to spend a GC on it. But that is okay because I got some cool bolt action units. They will go on the bolt action stack in my office. Sad I know.

Oh, I have also gotten a few fantasy models as well from a local guy selling his stuff off. Good prices and well worth the trip. Who doesn't need more savage and black orcs? So I keep finding ways to spend money on my hobby without actually playing it. One day they will actually name that disease.

This weekend I also went to go get my free 4th ed Flames of War book...but was denied as battlefront didn't deliver to my store on time. Boooooo. However, I did get to see what the new book would be and I'm very happy with battlefront. They treat gamers right. Didn't get a chance to get the new mid war books as they were already sold out, but hopefully I'll get them this next weekend.

Also, Dawn of War III is on preorder. Now this really gets me a bit. I went to the site, and they have a collector's edition ~$130 and then a limited edition ~$60. The collectors is pretty cool, but the limited edition is pretty much crap. Steam also has a pre order deal going on too. I'm going to think about it. I have a little time before I need to decide. I'll probably get it as I have enjoyed the DoW series so far.

And finally, got to play Pathfinder this weekend. Had a good time as always. And I saw that 5th Ed D&D has a new app coming out and you can sign up for beta. I really think Wizards could have been doing so much more digitally for their game. Such a shame. They have had good tools out since 3rd ed, but they have always fallen short at some point. We'll see if this set is better.

Till next time...

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