Friday, May 23, 2014

Progress and a little bitching

So I was able to assemble the rest of the Kedorian fleet with no hassle. I am still waiting for the replacement parts from Spartan games, but they did say they would send them, so yay Spartan!

I should probably send a follow up email with them just to be sure though.

In that same vein, I am still waiting for Warlord Games to give me instructions on how to build my churchill AVRE. I have sent two emails to them, both times they said they would send me instructions, both times they have not done so and after X many days, closed the case.

I have to say, I hate this. Why the hell can't they simply send me instructions on how to build the god damn tank???? When you send a model with 10+ pieces...instructions are handy.

Because of this issue, I have had zero interest in playing Bolt Action. I love the game too. I think it rocks. But if the company is going to fail with this simple request, then I don't want to play their game. It kills all interest I have in it. Anyone else out there like that?

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