Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't even know why I own a wallet...

So apparently, this was "spend all of your money" week instead of "work on your models" week. Thankfully I was able to spend money on my hobbies.

On Saturday, I went to my local game store to watch some folks play Firestorm Armada. It would have gone a lot better had I not stopped for a beer first. Normally, I can hold my alcohol fairly well, but this particular brew was sporting 11.5% and it kicked my ass.

So I got to watch two gents struggle through learning the rules of FA with a big goofy grin on my face. Thankfully, I had purchased my new Wood Elf book for Warhammer just prior to the beer drinking, so no other WE goodies came home. Though to be honest, I'm really only interested in the new cav models. The infantry looks good, but I don't need them right away. So while I'm here, lets talk woodies.

You see the Wood Elves were my very first fantasy army. I got them way back in '95? I was a 40K player before then...and my friends were getting into fantasy. So I, being a good friend, was going to join them. Now at first I wanted to play undead. But you see, I didn't know the rules for fantasy, I did know the rules for 2nd ed 40K though. So looking at the undead stats, I quickly looked for something better. And the Wood Elves had just gotten their first book with a cool looking forest dragon model to boot.

So anyways, here we are, nearly 20 years later, and I still own that army...with the models that came out 19 years ago. I have all of the old metal archers and spearmen, dryads, waywatchers and war dancers. I liked the new plastic stuff....mostly...but couldn't really justify replacing models that worked. So here I am, kind of stuck a bit. I wouldn't mind getting the new units...but will they fit in with my older models? Unless that money tree in the backyard starts blooming, I don't see me buying a whole new army for WE. I really shouldn't worry about it though...can't even remember the last time I played fantasy. But then again I wouldn't have gamer ADD if I didn't think about it. :)

"So buying one book is spending all of your money?" see then the gaming group I associate with ( yanked some dough outta my wallet with this post about a cool airbrush for super cheap on amazon. Well I don't have an airbrush but always wanted one. Well how could I pass up this deal? So $200 late, I have a new airbrush and compressor on its way. But I did save over $ not bad. Pretty excited about it actually. A new thing to learn!

And then finally, we end up with me purchasing a new Firestorm Armada fleet. It was going to happen eventually...we all saw that coming. So I went ahead and got it over with. I'll wait till the models show up to reveal the new awesomeness.

Damn...I better spend this next weekend cleaning up my office before it becomes too jammed with gaming stuff all over the place. On the flip side, its constant state of disorder does keep the wife-unit from noticing the new toys. ;)

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