Thursday, July 10, 2014

Is that a blip on the horizon?

Howdy Sports Fans,

So what has been happening in the wonderful world of hobby minis for Brother G? Well, the biggest news is that my local game store is closing its doors. They were the first store I visited since moving here and it is a shame they are closing down. It has given me the opportunity to add to my collection though as they are having a decent sale on all the stuff.

The big purchase of the sale was the new Shadow Hunter box set from Spartan Games. It has two decent sized fleets for Dystopian Wars and the new 2.0 rulebook. The models are fantastic. The jury is still out on the rules. I'm not sure I like the format they chose with bolding certain text. It can make it very hard to read at times. I'm still plowing through it though.

I've also picked up some various GW kits, things that filled gaps in my collection for my armies. Noting too exciting though. I did get the new Ork codex though. I really love the orks. They are such a great characterful army. I don't really mind if they aren't competitive though. One of these days I might actually assemble all the models I have for them. :)

Later this Summer, I'll be going on vacation for a week, and will hopefully have time to make some progress on a fleet for either DW, or FA. Right now though, the Summer schedule is pretty brutal and my health has not been great.

I also took inventory of my Tyrannid army in the hopes of selling it off soon. But not in a huge rush and don't want to give it away. Seems people expect to pay less than 50% these days for a used army. I'm too cheap of a bastard to agree to that nonsense. :)

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