Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hmmmm settling in on one post a month....

So lets break that at the very end and sneak in another one. So....what's up brother G? Well let me tell you...

Nope...not doing it. I don't know when the last time I rolled a die. Okay, that's a lie. I did roll a d20 when I played MtG with my wife and daughter while on vacation. So I guess that counts. But in terms of pushing models around the table and rolling dice, that would be a big fat NO!

I am trying to organize a little something soon with Dystopian Wars. Also, Firestorm Armada is looming and just waiting for me to jump in. I have created the perfect excuse though. You see the models don't really fit in the stands very well, so that means I'd need to glue them in. However, the fleet I chose looks really fragile sitting on those thin posts. So I'm waiting for my CorSec mounts to come in. The kicker is, I haven't ordered them yet. Cuz I'm broke. Cuz I keep spending my money on other things. Cuz I'm dumb like that.

Now here, we have lots to talk about. The very first game store I ever went to in the Portland metro area is closing its doors. The building was sold that they reside in and they weren't really able to find a new location that worked for them. So they decided to sell everything. Started off at 27% off, then eventually 50% off, and now finally 75% off in the final days.

Suffice to say, I stopped by there way too much in the last couple of weeks. On the good side...I picked up the new two player starter for Dystopian Wars! I also then got various box sets for DW to fill out the Federated States. I also picked up a couple of boxes for the Aquan fleet for Firestorm Armada...sadly though, they didn't have the patrol fleet so I'm missing the core of the force.

I also bought several boxes of various GW 40K and fantasy units too ... because I like to buy stuff I don't need apparently. Yeah, apparently I have no willpower when the words "sale" and "games workshop" come together. I really hate them, but I can't resist their cool minis.

Now I nearly bought Warmachine stuff. They had a few items that I really wanted. But...I'm not playing WM right now at all...not even close, so that part of my brain that can't resist GW has no problem resisting WM for some reason.

So in the last month, I've picked up DW 2.0 which added more ships to my Blazing Sun fleet, and now I've got a whole new Federated States fleet with tons of air power, and a smattering of land forces.

I've got a new core faction for Firestorm, but still need the patrol fleet.

And then got some odds and ends in GW products and Flames of War.

Oh yeah, and I also bought that new Stormclaw box set in order to get the rulebook, and now I'm apparently collecting Space Wolves.

Yes, I do have a small bit here to talk about...I think. I finally fixed the Kedorian carrier. Using sticky putty, I was able to assemble the dome & struts together so that they will fit in the slots on the main body. I then discovered that I totally F'd up by gluing on the clear fins on the cruisers. I could have gotten this really cool effect by painting the inside edge first, but I was impatient and glued them on already. Oh well, maybe next time.

Well that's it. I have a meeting I must run off to. Until next time (which hopefully will be sooner than last time), keep gaming....or at least buying stuff and thinking about gaming. :)

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