Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fang and Claw

You'd think I was going to talk about my Tyranid army, but no...I'm going to talk about my new Space Wolf army!!

Now I know what you are thinking...well if you've read previous blog posts of mine, you'd be thinking " said you don't like GW...why the heck are you getting a new army from them??"

Well, what you should also know by now, is that I'm a sucker for cool minis. And lets face it, GW's models are the tits. All was going well until two things happened:
a) I bought the stormreach box so that I could get the new rulebook. This let me get a close up look at the SW models and they are indeed cool.
b) GW released that awesome new SW flier, the Stormclaw.

And then the hits just kept on coming. There are a few other minor factors as well. I'm also looking to cut down my collection and want to get rid of my Tryanid army, which is quite sizable. "here now!" you cry, "that isn't cutting down armies if you just buy another one!" Well yes, that is true. However.....I also have a SM army, Salamanders to be exact, that I haven't done one thing with them for years. So, my thought process is this, grab some cheap SW models via the stormreach box (done), sell the nids (in progress), and then go through my existing salamander army to see what I can port over to SW, and then sell the rest.

So you see, in total, I should actually lose quite a bit of models in this plan. The nid army is big, we are talking $1300 retail worth of nids. Also, the Space Wolves don't have all the fun toys that normal marines get, so many of the models I have for them will go away, and many others will be replaced with SW specific versions (like the terminators and generic space marines).

Another minor factor is that I'm kind of a wolf guy. And a long time ago, I really liked the Space Wolves. But a buddy of mine ran them back in 2nd edition and cheesed them out so much, that I grew to dislike them. That lasted 20 years! So its about time I let that one go and let myself enjoy the great models that they have now.

Now I will say that my inner dwarf is very sad about letting the salamanders go. I really do like the fluff for that army. However, GW had not done much for them and they really are just green marines. I'd rather get an army with more character...and the wolves have that in spades.

Anyways, so that is what is going on now. :) Oh, and I'm going to learn some Dystopian Wars 2.0 this Saturday! Yay!

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