Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New month...new....nah...who am I kidding?

Hello sports fans,

So what is going on with Brother G? Well, last Tuesday was league night, and my Tau faced off against some Nurgle CSM. The mission was "keep your bunker alive and try to capture your opponent's". Well Nurgle apparently can't read and blew up my bunker in like turn 2. So in retaliation, I blew up his bunker in turn 5. The game ended in a draw due to me getting first blood, but he got line breaker.

In that game I had two units of pathfinders and they really did the job. Markerlights for the win!...er tie. I also had two Hammerheads and they survived the whole freaking game! I was impressed. That darn chaos turkey though did the most damage to my units. He burninated squads left and right. However, the Tau were able to make a few crucial saves and kept the dream alive. All in all a very fun game. My army lives and dies by the '6'. The right '6's denied armor saves from my sniper shots and mowed down those tough nurgle warriors. They also glanced rhinos and markerlit flying death birds. The lack of '6's almost allowed a single nurgle warrior to reach me in hth combat....but despite over 40 shots being taken due to supporting fire, it only took two hits to drop him.

My list isn't changing much this week as the points go up another 100. I'm basically adding some velocity trackers to my crisis suits, and tossing EMP nades on my warriors. This next mission has some secret objectives that I think these enhancements will help me out with.

No painting done this week as the weather has been super crappy for priming. I did, however, order a new airbrush that I'm looking forward to getting. Once that baby hits I'll be out of excuses for trying it out. I'll just need to get some teal paint and give some eldar some base coats.

I also need to come up with a paint scheme for my Tau vehicles. Thankfully I have world of tanks loaded on my PC and I'll take a peek at those for inspiration.

Oh, I also watched the superbowl on Sunday. I didn't like either of the teams, but in the end was happy that the Pats won. Worst. Call. Ever. Mostly I'm happy because Chris Evans won his bet and I totally have a man-crush on that guy. I mean who doesn't? He's freaking Captain America for God's sake! :)

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