Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tau..tau..ta tau tau! Tau-tau-tau!

Best part of playing Tau...I can say their name over and over to make gun noises. :)

So, since last time, I've been assembling models to try and come up with a new Tau list for the escalation league. We are up to 1200 points (I missed the 1100 week due to illness). I'm sticking with pretty basic stuff as I learn the army. I have only had two games with them so far, so I don't feel like I know enough about their base units yet.

This week I'm trying a Fireblade as my leader, and putting more boots on the ground. And by boots I mean pathfinders. I'm maxed out on warriors due to what I own. So I went out and bought a pathfinder unit and assembled it for the game tonight. I've also added another hammerhead to see how that works. Now I have two AT vehicles, both with submunitions this time in case I go against non-MEQ.

My plan is to markerlight the crap out of units, and then lay down the hurt with basic fire. That is why the fireblade is here, to give a squad an extra round of fire.

I do have a squad of crisis suits with plasma and missiles to go against TEQ units. I also have a large stealth squad as well. I'll try to use them as a shield in front of my squishier units. My hope is that they can be in cover in front of a pathfinder squad. This way they get a crazy good cover save, and the pathfinders will also get a cover save.

We'll see how well it works out.

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