Monday, June 29, 2015


Hello sports fans,

So I've been working on finding the fun in gaming again and have actually kept to the plan for the most part. I went to my LGS and got in a game of Flames of War. I brought my German DAK force and played against a US rifle army. I need to really read the 3rd edition rules again and many things have changed from last I played. My mini book is falling apart so I need to get that rebound...or just bust out the large book. It was fun though...I still hate those damn teleporting M10s of super cheese, but I'll live with it. :)

Also, I've been getting in some painting. I'm currently working on my Firestorm Planetfall models from the starter set. I've only gotten in a few hours here and there, but it is work, and it was nice. I have all my models and gear in a nice little carry tray. When I have time, I bring it out to the table and get to work. I might only get a few colors on in a single sitting, but it is progress and I'm enjoying it. In fact I can't wait to get the models done. It is so weird. Instead of feeling this need to finish the models, this new tact of just painting when I feel like it is actually creating a sense of anticipation for when the model is done. I like it.

Now the one piece I haven't really done is assembly. I did purchase a few models towards my Militarum Tempestus force. However, after looking at the codex and such...I think I am going to shelf that project for the time being. I think if I am going to work on a force, I'd like to work on something that is a little more complete. I traded/sold all my old DA and Salamander forces in order to get Space Wolf models. I even got a few things already painted. I think with the other models I got from that battle box that GW released, it will be a fun force to put together. I really like the SW models. They have a lot of individuality for being a marine army. So I think I'm going to take an inventory of what I have for the Space Wolves and then come up with a build plan.

So all in all, a good start. I'm enjoying my stuff and not stressing out over anything.

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