Thursday, September 17, 2015

Remember remember the 17th of September...

So I was feeling a little poetic today with the title, sue me.

Hello sports fans, we are back again for another random post from the depths of my gaming life.

So last night I partook in a D&D encounters event at a local LGS. This was not my first time. I actually was there years ago when they first started encounters. It was really quite something actually. I would take my daughter with me and that first season was really something special. That first season our table had the same players and DM every night.

Now it is years later, and I am trying to go again. The original LGS where I went is so popular, that unless you can get there two hours early, you can't get a spot at the table. Which is kind of a bummer. So when a new store offered it, I finally decided to give it a go again.

Let me tell you right off, that apparently I am now the 'old man' at the table. This is really disheartening and quite a surprise to me. I get that I'm 44, but I never really thought of myself like that. When I was in college, the creepy old guy that was still playing was that age. And here I am, sitting at the table, and the DM calls me "sir." I mean really, part of me wanted to excuse myself from the table, apologize for being there, and leave abashed.

I've always had problems thinking of myself as my actual age. Perhaps that had something to do with being the youngest in my family. I don't know, but there is a huge part of me that still thinks I'm in my twenties...early thirties tops. And here I am looking around the table and realizing that I'm the oldest one there. It was a little off-putting to be quite honest.

But stubbornly I stayed, and I had a good time. This latest season is quite a bit different from past ones, and the players at the table (all adults) did more roleplaying than I expected. I'm actually looking forward to going back and playing with them again. Despite all this war gaming stuff I post about, D&D will always be my favorite game.

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