Monday, October 5, 2015

Where did September go?

Wow, October already. Who knew? Anyways, what the heck have I been up to? Well, lots of talking mostly. I have continued to go to the D&D encounters games. However, I was forced to sit at a different table these last two times and my enjoyment was greatly diminished. You see, there were one of "those" guys sitting at the table. You know the type, the one that constantly brags about his character and then tries to make a joke at the end of every sentence the DM completes. Yeah, I had to put up with one of those guys for two different nights. Ugh. The up side, is that it made me reach out to some friends of mine to form up my own group again. The group is as yet still unformed due to minimum numbers not yet reached, but there is hope.

Also, I have been working on some models. There is a Flames of War tournament in November that I am considering going to, but it required models I did not yet own or that were still in blisters. So yesterday I busted out the clippers and superglue, and went to town. I got two challengers built and three universal carriers done. I then primed them all in Firefly green from Army Painter.

Not only that, but I also recently purchased a new plastic tank kit from Warlord for my Bolt Action British. I got the super sexy Cromwell tank. That was also assembled and primed. That was a nice kit. The instructions took a little bit of translating, but overall, were sufficient. Had I thought to take pics, I could have shared them...maybe next time.

So if I did everything right, I now have all of the models I need for the FoW tournament in November, assembled and primed. Also, I have a functional model to use in Bolt Action.

If we can remember properly, I was supposed to be focusing my efforts on getting my new Empire army done. So how is that going? you may ask...well not great. I have procured pretty much everything that I want. In fact, I have one last trade on the books to complete, and then I'm probably done. I did prime two models to see how they end up looking painted. However, I've been slack and haven't gotten any farther with those two.

I will say I'm really surprised that the local WFB community has pretty much given up on that game completely. In fact, I am just surprised that I'm not really seeing any support for 8th at all on the web. People are either abandoning it completely, or trying to fix the whole shebang. I think both of those options are silly. Why not just fix the last two armies that didn't get a book, and focus on Swedish Comp to help keep it all friendly and balanced? But basically, I get the feeling that I will be hard pressed to find an 8th edition opponent any time soon. That really saddens me. Why let GW kill off a great game and replace it with PoS....sorry..I mean AoS?

Lets face it, PoS...I mean AoS, is a model line, nothing more. I can't even read posts about it without cringing. All the while, 8th edition is still there. You still have the rules, the books, the models. And unlike other edition changes, you don't have something that is replacing it.

I'm all happy for KoW, because it is a good game, but it also isn't WFB. WFB does offer a different experience. My Empire army will work with KoW, but I also got a whole bunch of the models because of how they play in WFB. I want to play that army in WFB. Am I the only one?

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