Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Do you even Waaaagh! Bro?

So the giant task of cataloging my collection continues into its second month. My wife's patience is waning. :)

I have about a third of it replaced into my office. I'm also not cataloging everything, just the mini collections really. Although I'm not sure if I'll do the D&D stuff or not. I have so many minis for that, dating all the way back to 70's grenadier sets to the first two Bonez kickstarter minis from Reaper. God help me if there is ever a fire in my house.

Anyways, I did recently tackle my ork horde. All said and done, it gets pretty close to 400 minis for my orks. I should really get to assembling the rest of them. Here they are:

Of course the poor boarboyz have no actual place in the army now. Boooooo. And I don't actually own any kommandos...so that will probably need to be fixed at some point. But every other unit that currently exists, I have. I do have a friend that has a small ork force, mostly made up of Mantic marauder minis...so he'll probably get some of the extras from this list.

So with the orks down, they get added to the high elves, the dwarfs, and my Brits and Germans for Bolt Action that are cataloged. Next up is the Space Wolf army. Shouldn't be as big, and I'll probably be able to get in the Necrons the same day.

I do need to start looking into a nice paint organizer for my desk. I want a nice tiered one so that it is easier to find what I want.

So no playing anything unfortunately. I have been working on my D&D 5th ed campaign, you know, just in case I find people to actually play one day. This would probably all go faster if I just unplugged my computer until it was done. :)

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