Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, same gamer

Wow, I missed a whole month. And really, no excuse for it. That said, I've been busy.....busy reorganizing my office. I had a goal. I was going to catalog my GW armies....everything I had for each one, built, unbuilt, whatever. And then my wife said, "Why don't you just clean out your whole office?"

Silly me, I tried. Just to give you a sense of scale, my office resides in my basement. It roughly is about 1/6th of the total size of my basement. It has two full sized desks, a 5 shelf book rack, two wall shelving units, a built in closet, and then a side closet.

The contents of my office were able to cover over half of my remaining basement space. It really is quite something to see. While models did present a large portion, apparently I have been hording RPGs for even longer. Five editions of D&D material makes quite the stack (or stacks). Plenty of trash is also moving out, which will help. Also, there will be a good portion of models and games that are going into the "for sale" or "for free" bins.

I also found floppies and disks for games over 20 years ago. Doom anyone?

I had two weeks off for the holidays and I was able to empty and clean about 98% of the space. I still have a little left to do (and hope to finish tonight). Then I get the great task of organizing and putting back everything...while recording it all.

So then what? Well, I've got a few new priorities, or shifts in priorities as the case may be. Part of my focus will be working on a D&D campaign and forming a group to play it. If I am lucky, my search for players will turn into the finding of a group and I can just play instead of DM. But I'm not lucky.

Then, I have three games I'm going to focus on. Spartan's Planetfall will get the starter set finished and ready for play. Warlord's bolt action will hopefully get some progress as well. And then Kings of War will be played. I have armies ready to go for that one and the local community needs to keep growing. Gotta play publicly if that is going to happen.

Oh, and I need to reach out to some friends and reconnect. As you get older, it gets harder and harder to maintain friendships. Life gets pretty full and you can't expect everyone else to do the work. So I'm going to make the effort and build back that area of my life.

Hopefully, my next update will contain the words "I'm done with my office!" It will also be interesting to have an actual total to the number of GW models I own. Maybe I could open up a store....

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