Friday, April 1, 2016

All Hail the Machine God!

So I got my first game of 7th ed 40K in last night, and I got to play with my brand new Ad Mech army. My club is doing an old school league as described in my last post. I get to mash up the two Ad Mech codexes into one army list.

We played 1500pts last night as I warned my opponent that this would be a learning game for me. We had to use the standard org chart, so I had the following:

vanilla Dominus
5 breachers with arc rifles
4 destroyers with grav cannons
10 rangers with 3x snipers and ominspex
10 vanguard with 3x plasma
2 kastelans with power fists & tech dude
2 onager dunecrawlers with Neutron lasers

My opponent was running a chaos marine list with 10 levels of psykers. However, all of his units were fairly small, and he had no long range shooting.

I didn't record or take notes for a full battle report. Sorry. It was a long game with all the pauses for me having to look up rules and stuff. The forces of the machine god won the day, nearly tabling the chaos forces. Basically, the chaos guys came in too piecemeal to have any effective shooting, and when they did shoot, they went after the dunecrawlers. They were successful in killing one of them off, but they just didn't have the numbers to survive the massed fire that was returned. The grav cannons were a huge deterrent for my opponent. They really only ever shined by wiping out a 3 man termie squad. However, the sheer amount of firepower (24 shots each turn) was enough to constantly plink away wounds even when the target had a 2+ cover save. Really, that was the lesson learned last night. Ad Mech will put wounds on you, and you will roll ones. Since I never really had to split my fire, it was always enough to decimate whatever target had presented itself.

I was really concerned about the psychic superiority that my opponent had. First turn was 14 dice vs my 4. And it was only on the last turn when he was tossing one die at a power did he finally start to fail any. But he was too timid with Ahriman and always limited his targets due to LOS or range. He did nearly kill my dominus with three castings of psychic shriek, but between the 5+ refractor field and Feel No Pain, the Dominus only took one wound. That guy is a beast. (plus lots of 5+ rolls on my part).

It was a fun game and it definitely helped me figure out my army a bit more. Hopefully by the end of the league I'll be able to figure out some actual strategies for them other than "shoot", "shoot" and "shoot again".

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