Friday, October 21, 2016

Transmissions from the Warp

So I don't know if I got Nurgle Rot or some form of the Sorylian flu. Anyways, I've been a bit out of commission for a while. Our Kings of War group did try to get together this month, but I missed it. Life in general kicked into high gear and the poor blog has suffered.

There are quite a few things going on though in the Outer Rim. Quite a bit of my free time has been playing Overwatch on the PC. There was some rough going with it for a while, that even included an uninstall. However, it did find its way back onto my PC and I think I've found a better middle ground on my expectations of it. It has become much more enjoyable. The Halloween event they have going for it is also pretty sweet. The skins are top notch and I'm trying to level just to get more loot boxes.

I've also jumped back into the saddle of Company of Heroes, Operation Market Garden. If you are a fan of RTS's then I can't recommend anything better than CoH. This really is the gold standard of RTS games. And yes, I'm talking about the original, not CoH2. The only better thing than CoH is the mod, Operation Market Garden. The community goes up and down at times, but currently the mod has people working on it again, and you can find games being played daily. Most of the players are in Europe though, so being a West Coaster has some issues finding games. However, CoH can generally be bought for $5 or so on steam, and the mod is free. If you like WWII and RTS games, then this is one to check out.

Spartan Games briefly announced a new Kickstarter campaign that they were planning to launch. They want to release a 15mm game set in Dystopian Wars. Now on the surface, I'm all for it. However, the fact that so many of their games are struggling, and in dire need of attention, launching yet another game is just not a good idea. The masses rose up and informed Spartan of this, and to their credit, they released a poll, and have put the KS on hold. I love Spartan models...I do not love Spartan rules. Planetfall is the best system I have seen from them. I have heard some good things about the Halo game, but I haven't looked into it. Hopefully Spartan will return to supporting their existing games, get them to a good state, and then I'll get to see a cool 15mm game from them.

Battlefront has released four new Late War starter boxes for Flames of War. Flames is one of my all time favorite miniature games. I can't really say anything bad about it. I really should be playing it. But for some reason it just isn't sparking the motivation. Anyways, the new boxes are all plastic minis, the force sizes range from 1200ish to 2000ish points. They have one for US, UK, USSR, and GER. Each box comes with a legal tank company, a full sourcebook that works with the company, and a small rulebook. Plus, there is a $ savings for each one. I know I'll be picking up the Monty's Hounds box eventually as it fits in very well with the LW Brits I already have. First Battlefront release I've been excited about for some time.

"But Brother, what about the Abyssals?"

They are still on my plate. In fact I need to do more assembly as I have to get 1500pts of them ready for our next game day. For the most part, I'm digging the models. Not digging how hard they are to rank up though. Also, I need to get some more Molochs, but my LGS does not have them. I will try to bust out the camera though and snap some pics. I may even try to paint one fully up too.

Oh, and as to painting, there is a pretty cool kickstarter going on right now for MDF paint station. I'm very tempted to go and get the super mega one or whatever it is called. Looks pretty sweet.

Okay, until next time.

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