Thursday, November 17, 2016

Are there ruts in the Warp?

So no major update this time either. I've got a Kings of War play date coming up soon that I still need to assemble some models for. Should work on it this week...although most of this week is already maybe Saturday?

I have been looking through my Bolt Action collection as well. Hoping to fan the sparks of interest into at least a small flame so I can start playing. I don't really have much for any of the forces...but probably enough for some small games. I have to admit that my time playing Company of Heroes is helping me get excited about BA.

I did have a minor tragedy this week as my PC's hard drive decided to go out. My PC is my current escape from the norm. Having it out is not my favorite thing. Although it did help to put some perspective on my life. For the most part, I have nothing to complain about. But those First World problems do creep up on me from time to time.

Hence the 'rut' title. In order for my life to go smoothly, I have to be consistent. I have to conform to a schedule. That is how everything goes well. But it also eventually makes things go by really fast...because there is no change. Definitely one of those "be careful of what you wish for" scenarios right?

Years ago, I used to look forward to things. Especially when it came to my hobbies. Now? there really isn't anything. I don't play regularly, I don't do events anymore. About all I do is buy stuff I want and then store it. Its not that I'm unhappy...I think I'm just being unappreciative of what I do have.

I definitely see how people turn that into a mid-life crisis. We don't like being bored. Even when we create the boredom because we know its what we need. What this means is that I need to find a way to enjoy the lane I'm in...because its a good lane. Might not be fast or exciting...but it's safe and gets me to where I want to go. Man I sound old.

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