Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The signal's weak, but its a signal

A December post! It's a Christmas miracle! Well sports fans, apparently I still do indeed game. In fact, I think I gamed a bit too much this weekend. I actually found a D&D group to join. Well Pathfinder actually, but lets face it, its D&D. Had our first game Saturday night and it went pretty well. It is still a bit unbelievable that I have gotten back into a weekly game and I don't have to DM! woot

Furthermore, I also played some Kings of War on Sunday. Just a small game as one of our players bailed, but a game none the less. I brought out dwarfs this time and faced off against some Kingdom of Dusk undead. Did fairly well, but some good rolling by my opponent in the end led to a tie game. Had it gone on for one more turn I would have had it...maybe. But all in all, a fun game and another reason I keep enjoying Kings.

I really need to settle down on an army for kings though. I keep hopping about trying to find one that really grabs me. I'm sorely tempted to start a goblin army. I may even have enough models for it already. However, that means reorganizing my office and that seems a bit like too much work at the moment. But I have some time off coming up and who knows?

In gaming news, Spartan Games launched a kickstarter for Dystopian Wars. You'd think I would have been all over that. And I almost was. However, I don't currently own either of the factions in the new starter, and some unexpected rational restraint has appeared in my head. I've bought into DW quite a bit and just can't bring myself to dive in more at this point. I am looking at getting the new rules though. So we'll see. My friend did pick up the DW-lite set and those rules look promising. Have to see if there's time to fit in a game soon.

In general geekery, the new Rogue One movie is almost upon us. So excited for this and already have two showings lined up. I love Star Wars. Squee! (yes I understand, grown men should squee, but its Star Wars...)

Next time, I'll delve deeper into the Pathfinder game and maybe have a decision on which Kings army to focus on.

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