Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Plague Wind

Ugh and howdy,
That's right boys and girls, old Brother G. has contracted Nurgle's rot and he is not happy. First off, I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post. Must have lost some time in the warp there. So much has been going on and it is mostly a blur. So bear with me as I try to recall some of it.

So first up is 40K. Seems like forever since a GW game has been a priority, but here it is and rightly earned. Well I got my box set in, as well as my Xenos II book. That book was the best purchase for me. I own all the flavors of models for the Eldar, and my painted 40K army is the necrons. So I can use that whole book. Looking through it, I've been focusing on the Necrons and it doesn't seem like that army is out of whack in either direction. Solid units and rules, but nothing abusive so far.

I did make some purchases as some ad mech models became available at a good price. I'm also going to be trading some ork stuff away for the Xenos I book. Beyond that, my wallet is officially closed to the hobby for the time being. The Summer has been crazy busy, and if I can find time to play, I have the rules and models for several armies already.

Flames of War has pretty much died out for me. The company's decision to go with this slow roll out of material and models for only two factions has really bummed me out. I love mid war, and I love my DAK and Italians....I also love my 8th Army Desert Rats...But so far only two books are out and they left out a ton of units that I own. They just killed the momentum for the release. I suppose if you don't own any FoW, then the release would make sense. But as an existing player, with multiple mid war armies, this sucks. Before we got beautiful books like Afrika that contained everything we had for every army. Now I have a book that contains the rules for DAK and maybe a quarter of the units? So Flames has been put on the backburner once again, waiting for them to give me the rest of my mid war armies.

Surprisingly, Dystopian Wars popped up on the radar recently. Found out there was another local player who actually played the game with a few friends. Nothing has happened except for a few messages back and forth, but who knows...I may be breaking out the models for some DW action.

Digitally, there is quite a bit of movement. DDO is still going strong, although summer has made our group shrink from time to time as people go on vacations. Blizzard actually got me to play Heroes of the Storm again with a few events and I actually am having fun doing elite AI runs. Still going with Overwatch from time to time as well, but I quit if it pisses me off to much. Gotta work on that temper of mine. :)

Also, I'm looking at upgrading my system again. My daughter's PC has been having issues, so I started looking into upgrading hers at first...but then when I saw the prices and performance differences, I realized it was time to update mine as well. That should be happening soon, as I've decided upon the update, and now just need to pull the trigger.

So for the gaming stuff, that's a pretty good recap I think of where I'm at.

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