Thursday, June 1, 2017

8th edition 40K has arrived

Hey Sportsfans,

As much as I hate to admit it, the gaming airways are pretty much filled with the sounds of 40K. Despite my long standing issues with GW, I have to say they are knocking this one out of the park. In just two days, the new 40K set goes on pre-order and I'm expecting it to blow up. Already the internet is flooded with info from the new army books.

From what I have seen, GW has done a good job and took this quite seriously (unlike some of the stuff that made it into AoS). As a huge fan of orks, I was very happy to see the rules they have received so far. I think they are one of the most characterful armies in the game and now you can actually take those units without being blasted off the table.

Of course, we won't know anything for sure until it actually gets in the hands of players and games are played. And we also have to mention that there is no whining. I have yet to hear someone come up with a legitimate issue. Simple rules. Rules for all existing models out at launch! That right there is unheard of for 40K. No more waiting a few years after new edition to get your new book. Day one, you have your updated rules for your army. That is a pretty huge undertaking and they did it well.

For anyone local to the Portland area, the Ordo Fanaticus club is having a garage sale at their Western Oregon Wargamers location. It will be going on this Saturday starting at 11am. They typically end up with 10-20 people bringing games, books and models for sale or trade. Deals are to be had. Sometimes whole armies can be purchased. I know I've got stuff that I don't need and will try to sell.

My D&D group is going very well. So happy that I have a steady group that I enjoy playing with. We are still using Pathfinder and that seems to be going okay. For someone how never jumped on that train, the amount of info and options is a bit overwhelming. But all in all, its still D&D and that is what matters most.

Flames of War has gotten bowled over by the 40K hype I'm afraid. I probably should be on the looking for some of the stuff I wanted to get...but honestly, all thoughts and extra cash are going to be going to the 40K set and those books...which I need 4 out of the 5. My fault for having so many armies I guess.

Apparently the Dystopian Wars kickstarter stuff should be hitting in June as well. Wonder if I'll even notice it? Let's face it...the biggest thing on my mind is which army to focus on for 40K. :)

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