Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5th edition D&D

As my profile states, I started out as an RPGer. D&D has always been my favorite game, and it is what always led me to make new friends. For the last few years, I haven't been playing it unfortunately. Standard excuses and reasons apply. Family, job, etc always seem to get in the way, or the real truth, it is very hard to find a small group of people that can get together once a week, every week.

Well that hasn't stopped me from buying the new Players' Handbook for 5th edition. And it hasn't stopped me from joining in on an Adventurer's League game at my local game store. So for four hours on Saturday, I get to don my armor and pick up my spear one more time and roll dice. I am really looking forward to it.

First things first though, I need a character. I've read about half of the PHB already, and I have to say, I really like it. This is an excellent rule set which really feels like the best of all the previous editions. The one class I really liked in 4E was the warlock...which was deemed way OP in 3.5 (for good reason). So it was pretty easy to choose this class for my first 5E character.

Now at first I was going to go with the typical Tiefling Fiend Warlock. But as I got into it, I discovered I like the half-elf it would fit in a bit more easily than someone who looked like an actual devil. I didn't really have much of a backstory for him yet, until I actually went through the background portion of the book. Normally I would have skipped this, but it was required for the AL game. Well lo and behold, I go through, find a background I like (charlatan) and then start filling out the ideals and flaws, etc....and boom, I have this fully fleshed out character background which I completely love! Now I have this half-elf who was abandoned by his elven father, who turned his charm and good looks into an steady income. When he finds his mother murdered, it leads him in search of a killer. That path takes him to a mentor, who not only expands his trade, but gives him a chance to take the power that could one day grant him revenge.

It was really quite amazing. This whole new life just blossomed right in front of me as I went through a few simple charts. Now I have a story, a motivation, traits, quirks and flaws. I have a person to really get into. That is what I love about D&D. I love that you can create so much and then write the continuation with a bunch of other people. It will always be my favorite game.

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