Friday, September 5, 2014

And so it goes...

Been a couple of weeks since I last posted...kind of, so here we go. First off, the D&D thing seems to be on hold. We got really close, and even got to meet the new guys, however, since then, the same old issues have come up, basically, trying to get five adults to decide on a single night that they can all meet on. Also, one of the five already dropped out. Man what a pain in the butt. So my crystal ball is telling me that the 4E group is basically a bust. Which kind of sucks, but not so much.

Mostly, because awesome 5th edition is out. The new PHB is awesome! One book, twelve classes, all the races....just like the old days. I have to say, I really like this edition. It feels like good old D&D, and yet it has lots of the neat mechanics that the newer editions brought out. So I really want to play..not However, the same issues are always there...trying to find a group....find a night, and then actually start. It really sucks sometimes to be a gamer.

Hmmm what else...oh..I ordered my Nagash book. Pretty excited about that too. I'm a big undead player and have been playing vamps for a while. I also owned a TK army because the concept was just so cool. Unfortunately, in 8th, the army was fairly lacking. Plus, lots of really expensive models. Anyways, I traded the TK army away because "do I really need two undead armies?"....well guess what...apparently I do! Damn GW...they mashed the armies back together again! So I can have my cool vamps WITH super cool TK models? sign me up.

So basically, lots of stuff coming down the pipeline that I want to spend money on. Now I need the moneys. To that end, I've been trying to trade/sell my tyranid army, which apparently is the worst army in the world to try to sell. $1,200 worth of nids, and I can't sell/trade it at all (talking under 50% retail and still can't move it). And its not like I have limited myself in the options. I am open to Space Wolves, Dark Eldar (another army I love but got rid of), Tomb Kings....or money. You'd think I could trade something. Heck, I even was open to trading for Orks..which I have a ton of, but the guy never responded. Lame. Side note...if you are on Bartertown, and someone send you a message...have the courtesy to respond.

Oh, and I've been playing some Neverwinter online. I really like it. I wish again that I could find a group to play with..but so far going solo. Still fun though.

So that's where I'm at.

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