Monday, September 22, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League

So my gaming club, Ordo Fanaticus, is about to start its Fall escalation league for warhammer. It is called Raindog's Rampage as it is hosted by Raindog. This is a staple of fantasy gaming here in Portland. With the new ET goodness and spark still burning bright, I'm going to go all in this year and finish up my army for it. To that end I've been assembling and priming my army. It starts off at 1000 points and works its way up to 1500. It ends with a one day tournament at 1500.

I'll be coming back with an Undead army as outlined in the new End Times book. It is mostly vampire counts, but I'll be bringing in the new morgasts as well as a Khemri unit or two. The new rules for undead are going to make it a bit more viable. You see I've gone down this road before, actually with both VC and with TK. However, the death of the general/caster has always crippled the army. One bad miscast and poof...there it all goes. Now that that nonsense is gone, it might be worth while to give it another go. Unfortunately, I traded off my TK a while now its just VC.

I'm not sure how well the army will do, but it should be fun to give it a try. Here is my starting list:
Level 2 necro, lore of vamps, 5+ ward amulet, master of undead, channeling staff.
Cairn Wraith hero
20 skeletons with full command
15 ghouls with champ
7 dire wolves
corpse cart with unholy loadestone
3 crypt horrors with champ
2 morghast archai

I'll be going second most of the time due to the number of deployments. But I hope I can get favorable matchups then for my units.

Most everything is ready for paint. I just got the morghasts yesterday, so those will be built tonight with any luck. Then I just need to prime them and the characters, and I'm all set. I'll post up pics tonight once they are done.

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