Friday, October 24, 2014

Fanasty League week 3, where the F have I been??

So wow, this week has just flown by. I've had everything from injuries to PC issues and of course the ever present work. Sorry for the late update this week.

In terms of gaming and such, I played in week 3 of our Warhammer Fantasy League on Sunday. I brought my undead and this time I left the Morghasts at home and brought a bone giant (ie colossus) instead. The stone cat was still the big hero of the day. Helping to take out a nasty unit of nurgle deamons and then holding up a skaven doom wheel. The bone giant did less than spectacular.

This week it was an odd scenario where you tried to get your units off by touching an objective in the opponent's deployment area. You got no points for enemy units, only points for your units that made it off. So basically the middle of the field was a huge scrum to try to get through to your objective. Also, game could end at end of turn 4.

My first opponent was deamons..and I thought for sure I was screwed. My etheral unit of spirit hosts was toast...and while I had the sphinx and giant, he had plenty of magic, and a deamon prince, plus a chariot and other goodness and he was immune to my fear and terror. Well, as it turned out, he let me get the charge off on his nurgle guys with my two big creatures which eventually spelled their doom (thought he giant did die). I also was able to take out his unit of horrors with my vamp + skeletons. He rushed his DP off the board as fast as possible. But due to him losing those two units, and the game going on for the full 6 turns, I got enough stuff off to get the win in points.

My second game was against skaven. That doomwheel is a freaking beast! even though I got the combo charge off with the giant and sphinx again, it wiped out the giant. He made a huge mistake in counter-charging in with slaves that corner touched the sphinx. My guys held, I then countered with my skeleton unit, and the TK blew away 20+ slaves with a spell, and then the sphinx was able to put all attacks into the slaves, creating an Insane Courage for him, which he failed. He then rolled triple 1's for the wheels flee move. End result, I was able to get my sphinx, skeletons, and some wolves into the objective. He got a few units too, but I had the points.

Oh, and my stupid bone giant broke on the way over there even though it was in a foam case. What a crap model. I will now have to pin every single component of it. Gah!

This week the morghasts are returning and the bone giant is going away. Not sure what else I'm going to do though. We are up to 1200pts. Oh..I did paint a unit of 5 dire wolves for the week too, and they didn't turn out so bad. Once I base the models, I think they will look even better.

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