Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fantasy League, week one

So I trotted out my Vampires for the first week in the league. It was a four player game where you had to go after tokens placed by one of your opponents. The hope there is that it encourages people to go after them instead of just ganging up on one player or making it two one on one games.

The first issue came up with how deployment was done. In the hopes of speeding things up I'm sure, everyone was supposed to just put your models down and go. Well that led to basically whoever finished first, kind of got screwed a little as opponents could then react. It wasn't too big of a deal, and maybe didn't have an impact at all, but due to the small deployments, I deployed to the long face since I had a large army. Well that may have made the lizardmen player across from me think I was going after him...so he counter deployed accordingly..in theory.

Anyways, I actually went before him, and did a big swing with all my units to point towards my tokens. Well he decided to come after my now exposed flank. Hmmmmm. Well so much for going after tokens. Now I had to guard against the lizards (who was the player on my left/across). The player to my ride side was high elves...who had a nice shooty list. Thankfully I was able to convince him to shoot the lizardmen scouts as they were highly mobile, in the middle of the battlefield already, and could easily get to their tokens. His shooting was not great, but did kill a skink here and there. Unfortunately for him, he had ogres coming straight at him. The ogre player did toss a cannon ball at one of the lizardmen monsters....but he knew his dice and knew that the '1' to wound would pop up. Uncanny.

So basically, it ended up with me trying to go after the scouts so that I could then get to my tokens, while half my army turned to face the lizards, which had a whole freaking lot coming at me. A stegadon, a armored dino with a spell jewel on top, his scar vet, his caster, javelin skinks, and a saurus unit! Thankfully, my Morghasts are very scary looking, and once they turned towards his line, his line sort of stopped. That lasted for a few turns thankfully.

However, I was short on time, and though I knew it was a four player scenario...I stupidly had thought it would go quick. Well it didn't and I had to scram. So I tossed some units out to see what would happen. The morghasts charged his saurus. They did win combat by one, but he stayed...however I totally had goofed and didn't realize that those guys cause terror. Because he has failed his fear check against them...which would have been a terror check and those guys would have fled. That would have meant his stegadon would have charged, but it wouldn't have been in a flank and who knows how that would have turned out. In the end though, his steg countercharged in the flank and the unit popped. I tried to get my crypt horrors in combat, but their targets kept fleeing. Boring!

I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Don't get me wrong, I understand that fleeing a charge is a very useful tactic. But this was a four player game all about getting tokens. At some point, you want to roll dice. That being said, my undead did actually run down two of the units that fled them...so not too bad. So hopefully next week..which is going to be one on one games I believe...should go better. I've already got my list sorted.

I met new players, played warhammer fantasy again and had fun. So it was a cool time. And I even gave everyone else bonus points for being me. Yay!

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