Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fantasy League, Week Four

Well, week four was a bust, on pretty much every level. I recently rolled my ankle playing futsal in a fairly spectacular level.

Notice the wonderful blood pooling in multiple places. Suffice to say, standing up for a few hours playing warhammer just didn't sound appealing to me.

Unfortunately, it was a scenario that gave out a lot of points, and I missed out on all of them. :(

So my brief rise to the top has been quickly squashed for missing this week. So now I need to start crawling back up the ladder once more. Which means I can't miss week 5.

To that end I've been trying to get my hands on various models. Since I'm doing undead, I want to try to keep some sort of cohesive theme. So I'm trying to find old undead models to stand in for TK versions.

The first was a viable liche priest. A friend has an old undead (5th ed) model that would go great, but we haven't connected yet for the trade. So that meant diving into my figure bin and finding an old empire light wizard model. What better to use now that End Times fluff is out? I have an empire light wizard that dabbled too much into research of Khemri and its magics, and now he is under the thrall of Nagash.

My search for a tomb prince didn't go quite as planned either, but inspired by the above, I found a really old wight model from the 5th ed era. He's going to be my barrow king tomb prince.

My big problem right now is what to do with the war sphinx. It is an awesome addition to my army. However, it looks really Tomb Kingy. I need to either find a way to mod it to fit in more with the barrow kings idea, or vamp it up somehow.

Till next time.

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