Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gotta get another page view

Came over to make another post and saw this blog was at 666 page views. Eep. So at least one more person has to view my blog. Gotta have a new post.

So, what has been going on lately. Well, the big news is obviously the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rumors that have blown up the net. I can say I am in the "I don't like what I'm hearing" crowd. I am I could just be "old man hates change" thing, but I really don't like where I see them taking the game. I don't agree with how they are doing it.

To me there is no reason to shut down 8th edition. They can simply finish the army book series, and thus have a complete edition for once. 8th edition will have books for every released army. From there, they can say they are taking a break from WFB dev, or just say that they have no plans on 9th edition yet.

Then they say they are developing a new skirmish level game for Fantasy. Sure, you'll get some grumbles, but no doom and gloom about WFB.

For me, I don't see myself getting the new game. First off, if I want to do skirmish, I'll play 40K. Second, I don't want to support a company that is tossing aside 20 years of my investment in their game. Thankfully I have Kings of War to replace WFB if that is what it comes to.

We shall wait and see.

I'm currently in a 40K escalation league locally. I have busted out my Tau for the first time. I've gotten in two games so far and got crushed both times. I like how they run, but keeping an enemy from assaulting seems to be a hard thing to do. I keep getting crushed by dedicated assaults. This edition it seems much easier for enemy units to get within range.

I'm having fun though. My army is fairly small and thus my choices are limited, but I'm working on that. I had to miss a week due to the flu (boooo hisssssss) but I'm hoping to come back strong next week. Not sure if I'll hit the painting desk or not. Currently the weather sucks for priming.

If anyone has any good Tau advice to give, please post it in the comments. Until next time...

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