Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, same excuses

Where did December go? Oh man,  I had such plans for that month. Well here we are, in the new year. I have been gaming that is a good start so far. Let start with the oldest stuff first, and then move on to what's current.

So I played WFB a few more times after the Rampage. Even tried a 2500? point game using my dwarfs vs wood elves using the ET Khaine magic rules. The game was a bit rough, I won't lie. I didn't take any  magic defense...I wanted to see how bad it would get. It got bad. But mostly it was due to the fact that the average roll of my opponent on a d6, was a 5. It got old really quickly. He had ten archers take out one of my warmachines in a single round of shooting. 3's to hit, 6's to wound, and he popped it. Ugh. So not a great game. But I will say it made me like the dwarfs more. And had we done dispelling right, it would have been even better. We messed up and had me rolling for how many dispel dice I could use. That screwed me time and time again. Since Dwarfs don't have wizards, I get to choose how many dice. Live and learn, that is why we play.

Shortly after, the Kings of War kickstarter wrapped up. I am in for the book, but not sure if I'll go farther than that at this point. I have tons of models, so don't really need more. But I may be tempted..who knows. Anyways, that has led to getting in a 1500pt game using my elves vs kingdom of man. The game was fun, and it was close. There was a bit of silly shenanigans when my opponent's handgunner unit needed 6's to hit and he roll 8 hits out of 10 dice, sending my poor seaguard running. That and his mortar could not miss after turn 2. Still, very fun game. Very quick to play and it looked great. We had pretty big armies at 1500pts. My elves did carry the day, mostly due to my lord on dragon surviving the game. Oh, and my archers being able to put on that one wound that allowed me to force another nerve test. That sent two units running at one point.

I had to run a combo of HE and WE units, but thankfully, the KoW elven list allows for that. It did showcase that I need to put together more HE units though. So I have been actually assembling models lately. I've thrown together some more spearmen (need to reach that horde number), put together a few more reaper cav models from IoB, and I put together that Lord on Griffon model too. That thing is sweet. Plus, due to a fantastic sale at my LGS, I was able to get some more phoenix guard too and a few other kits. I was really hoping to get a 40K Knight model...but missed it by like 5 minutes to some other guy. Oh well, snagged some other great kits, including some new guys for my Wood Elf army too.

And that isn't all. I've met a new guy in my area and we'll be starting up some "garage hammer" pretty soon. He's got some dark angels that need to get beaten down by my Tau army. :)

I've also been thinking about cleaning out some games too. For instance, I own quite a bit of X-Wing. I have a starter, plus 8-10 booster ships, most still in the box. I really like the game, but just am not playing it. And since that game is fairly high in demand locally, that might help me get other stuff that I am playing.

Besides the Imperial Knight for 40K, I also need at least one, if not two Space Wolf stormclaws or something like that..that cool new flyer. Yeah..I need those. :) Although I can't for the life of me, figure out why I can't remember what they are called. Okay, they are called Stormwolves.

Oh, and I played a few games of Lords of Waterdeep with the family over the holidays. I am still unable to beat my wife. I don't know how she does it. But somehow, she keeps scraping out the victories. I'll beat her yet.

So basically, I actually did game quite a bit over the holidays. I've also worked on some models and painted a few. Now I'm trying to organize a hobby retreat weekend. I have the facility worked out, and now trying to pick a date and find people to come. Its like herding cats. But I have hope.

Lets see if I can get a few posts in January. Keep on gaming.

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