Monday, April 13, 2015

Little break from Planetfall

So this week I did try to get back to painting. I started on my second medium tank for the Aquans, plus I threw down some more paint at the Directorate buggy. Progress is slow, but I hope to finish up the buggy this week and post up pics. It is turning out okay. What a big difference a nice wash will do.

Most of my time was gearing up for some of Mantic's Kings of War. I own lots of GW armies. And Warhammer Fantasy Battle was my favorite game of them all. But lately, GW has decided to bend the players over and it has gotten so bad that I've walked away from the game.

Enter Kings of War. Lets me still use my awesome models and I don't have to try to figure out this month's meta. Version 2 is currently in Beta, so we decided to try out the new rules and army lists.

We were hoping to draw in some more players from our game club, so I came prepared for Sunday's game night with three armies. My buddy Robert though was the only one to show, and he brought his Kingdom of Men army (empire).

With version one, I've played undead mostly and gave the elves a try. I packed up both of those and then brought an orc army (using my beastmen figs). Just recently, Mantic announced that they are going to release a book with a bunch of army lists to cover armies that are not in their lore, but are made by other companies. Basically, they are tossing a big :P at GW who is rumored to be letting several armies go from the Fantasy line.

As an owner of a beastmen army, one of the only armies not to get an 8th edition book, I am quite pleased with this. I really have no interest in the mess that will be 9th edition from Games Workshop, and will be quite happy to use my models playing Kings of War.

We played 1000pt games and each one took about 90 minutes to complete. Not too bad. Robert's army had 9 units, and almost 100 models. My orcs took the field first at just over 50 models (I took a giant and a big unit of trolls) and were promptly tabled. They didn't perform poor by any means, its just that KoW orcs are a little tactically limited in my opinion. They have almost no shooting or magic to help them. Kind of a big hole in my opinion.

In the second game, I brought out the undead (I don't think Robert wanted to face my elven shooting). This match ended in a tie, but probably should have gone to the undead. The nerve tests (leadership) went in favor of the KoM most of the game. In fact, the whole game changed when I failed to route one of his units. I had done enough damage where any roll would route them...but I rolled snake eyes which let them stay regardless. That left my poor undead open to a flank charge which spelled their doom.

Overall though, very fun, very quick, and it still felt like playing a war game. In fact, it felt more like playing warhammer back when I played 5th edition. Kings of War is like WFB without the crazy. And for this old man, that is just fine.

If you haven't given KoW a try, there is no reason not to. The current V1 rules are up for download, and even the beta rules can be found if you look at the blog posts. Gotta love a company that gives out free rules and army lists. :) Suck it GW.

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