Monday, April 6, 2015

Creative slump

I'm pretty happy with how the aquans are turning out. I've got five tanks done so far and I think they look pretty damn cool. Plus, they have been fairly easy to paint so far, so that always help. The larger models are more difficult though due to the larger flat areas where drybrushing doesn't work so well.

I also tried to start on a directorate model. Here, I'm having a much harder time. I just don't know where to go with it. I have a buggy that I've primed red. I've picked out some parts for silver paint (the weapon systems and hub caps) and I've blackened the tires. I've also put on the first coat on the base (needs another). But I'm a little stumped on how to make it better.

I think my next steps will be as follows:
1) 2nd coat on the base.
2) strong tone ink the whole model and base.
3) careful drybrush of red color over model to rehighlight areas
4) careful drybrush the tires with desert color to give dusty look.
5) finish base
6) add some detailing

I've got to do something with it. Once I'm done though, it will be back to the aquans to finish up the mediums...and then start on the heavy.

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