Monday, October 19, 2015

Did you see that warpstorm?

So yeah, hit a rough patch there. It is not quite done yet I'm afraid, so we'll just have to play things by ear for a while. That being said, I have actually been doing some stuff. One of these years I may even photograph what I'm doing.

So lets recap shall we:

1) still doing the D&D Encounters. I did have to skip one week due to the rough patch, but otherwise have been going steadily. In fact, the last time was quite enjoyable. Mr. Brag about My Character wasn't there and wow, what a difference did that make. Other people could actually talk and joke a little. Also, there was a father/son combo at the table. That was really nice too. I think D&D is a great family game. I've always enjoyed playing with my kids. I just wish I could get my wife to try it. Oh well. Oh, and I even painted a model for it. I decided to switch my character around (which you can do in Encounters) and decided the table needed to be graced with a fully painted model. It isn't golden deamon worthy by any means, but it is far better than the pre-painted ones that most people seem to use. Sometimes it makes me want to bust out some of my old Ral Partha lead minis. So listen up gamers, take some pride and buy a good model for your character, and paint it up right and proper.

2) I've been keeping an eye on the new 40K Tau releases popping out. Some really pretty stuff. Too bad I'd need to take out a loan to get any of it. Also, GW sells out of the Tau battleline terrain set before it even releases?!? Whose stupid idea was that GW? Brand new product, and you don't even have enough stock to make it to release?? Your models are pretty, but your business actions make me want to kill you. You guys are giving lawyers a run for their money.

3) Alright, I'll be honest....I've also been playing Neverwinter this past weekend. They had this small event where it was really easy to get XP for your characters, so I made sure a few of them reached level 60. I could have been painting or some such....I know....but I really like the game, and it was fun. Although I did burn out on it a it is taking a trunk seat for a while.

4) Malifaux - that is right...Malifaux. Some friends of mine have dove in after the death of WFB. I let one of them run me through a teaching game. I've looked at the factions and models...but so far have avoided making an actual purchase. Seems interesting....jury is still out though.

5) How could I almost forget, Star Wars Battlefront Beta! Hell yeah! Huge SW nerd here....I cursed up a storm playing that game. Very fun and frustrating. About what you would expect. I've already pre-ordered the wife is going to get some ear-plugs when it comes out. 

So I've been one way or another..which is good. But I have these thoughts running through my head pretty much all the time now on various topics. Here's another list:

1) Death of Warhammer - still boggles me. And is really impacting my desire to work on my Empire army. I do have KoW that I can use the models with...but right now KoW needs work to gain a better foothold in the local scene. And I'm not up for that right now.

2) Planetfall - I really need to get back to painting up my starter set. I really liked the game when I read it, and played a test game. I also really like Spartan games. There is also a Firestorm Armada player base, so maybe I can do some demo games for that group once I'm ready.

3) Slipping into the third slot is Bolt Action! I'm a huge fan of WWII games and this one seems to be the perfect one to scratch my 28mm itch. I really want to work on my Brits, but I really only have standard infantry and a couple of vehicles. I don't own any support weapons for them. I do for my Germans...but again...want to do Brits. It makes me wonder if my motivation is tied to the fact that I need to make purchases? Wouldn't that be awful?

4) 40K has reared its ugly head recently. Here is the thing with was my first real mini wargame. And it has great background...and it is so easy to imagine battles and such. The reality though is that I'm quite intimidated to play it now with all the changes it has been through. Remember, old man here. That and that GW is a giant cock-sucking company makes it hard for me to commit time to it. But there still is this draw to it.

5) Which leads me to Gates of Antares. I just pre-ordered the starter set for this game. It is based on Bolt Action rule set which I really like, but is d10 instead of d6 based which seems interesting. And since it is Sci-Fi, I could maybe use my 40K armies to play this. But we have to wait a little while until it is released.

6) And rounding out the group is Warpath. I had originally been all excited for this kickstarter. But Mantic made some odd choices that really closed the door quickly on this. First off, no Marauders (their version of orks). How can you skip one of your base armies?? And honestly, the kits and such just didn't excite me. I think the two player starter combo was great....fantastic value, best of all the options. But getting that would require me to invest more..which I'm just not ready to do. So I passed this time around.

So there you have it folks. So much going on, but none of it ever seems like enough. Until next time.

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