Thursday, October 29, 2015

King of War, that's me baby!

So I forced myself to hit game night this week to help support the KoW movement in my area. My dwarfs were already packed up, so a quick visit to easy army builder, and I had a 1000pt dwarf army all worked out. Grabbed some dice and a tape measure, and I was good to go.

My opponent was also a new KoW player, just learning the game, and he threw down with some goblins. Talk about your classic match up. We were both using GW models, so it really looked familiar on the table.

Neither of us were rocking any magic items in our lists. I brought:
War smith
horde of ironclads
regiment ironguard
troop of xbows
troop of rifles
iron behemoth 

He brought:
king of chariot
regiment of sharpsticks
regiment of spitters x2
regiment of fleabag sniffs
regiment of trolls
sharpstick thrower x2

I was quite outnumbered and more than a bit worried. We rolled up the Loot mission, and luckily I got to go first. For the most part, I ran as fast as I could towards the loot counters. Terrain slowed some of my marches though. Cannon shot missed. (I'll say now we screwed up and added a -1 penalty for long range)

His turn, he did some shooting, putting a marker here or there, but otherwise, just moved up as well. (Also, no pics again, sorry...was more concerned with playing than with photographing)

My ironwatch moved up to threaten two counters, while my ironguard moved up across from his trolls and sharpsticks. My iron behemoth hung back a little and belched on the trolls for a few hits. My other shooting was concentrated on his slasher and I actually waivered it.

His trolls charged my ironguard and his sharpsticks were just in the flank and hit them as well. Now my behemoth was close enough to block the slide move. But a look at the rules showed us an unclear answer, so we pushed the behemoth back to allow the sharpsticks to get in the slide, he gains the first loot counter with that charge as well. His king on chariot charged my horde of ironclads. Shooting went towards the cannon. He rolls a 10 which would route my cannon, but my war smith was there so he had to roll again...and another 10 pops up. Ugh! My ironguard though stood like a boss against his trolls and sharpsticks, as did the horde vs his king.

My behemoth was looking down the flank of his sharpsticks and just rolled over them, taking the loot counter from them. My guard crashed into the trolls, sending them on their way as well. The horde countered into the king and barely did anything. With my cannon gone, the slasher was in range of my xbows and his fleabags had taken a loot counter behind it. My warsmith tried to shoot the slasher but missed, so I had no choice but to shoot it with the xbows sending it off thankfully. My rifles were in poor position on the left side now that combat was engaged, so they started to shift towards center.

His king bounds in to smack my horde around some more, and his fleabags turn around with the loot counter and start making their way back to his board edge. His shooting didn't do too much, nor his wizard.

My guard charged a spitter regiment and sent them packing while the behemoth swung around with the hopes of eventually hitting the fleabags. My horde again hit the king, putting some wounds on him and waivering him. My warsmith moved up to get just in range of the fleabags, hit them once, and then waivered them! My xbows whiffed and the rifles moved to support the horde.

He moved his king back to hopefully get a TC charge against my horde, and give his throwers a chance to do some real damage. His other spitters fired on the guard doing nothing. His wizard, now blocking the center loot counter from my horde, blasted them, but they stayed put despite the large bolts sticking out of them now.

My guard had a long charge on his king, so they took it, slamming into his flank and crushing him. The behemoth moved up and flamed the fleabags, but they hung in. The horde charged the wizard, but only did two wounds, leaving him standing there.

He shot into my horde, getting them up to 12 wounds, but still they stayed. His fleabags moved away, but the loot counter slowed them down.

Last turn, I had to kill his wizard to claim the center loot, or route the fleabags to remove his loot counter. I shot the fleabags with everything I could, but they did not route. So now it was up to the horde...charging into the lone wizard, smashing him with 5 wounds, and then rolling a paltry 3 for the nerve test, one less than I needed to route him. The wizard held back the tide of ironclads and kept them from the loot.

His last turn could not see him gain another counter, so he focused firing on my horde and finally dispersed the dwarfs. Game ended in a tie.

All in all, a great game. Right down to the wire. Two dice rolls that go my way, and its victory for the dwarfs. But alas, the sneaky goblins hold on, battered, but still kicking.

We did screw up a few times, but for the most part, played the game correctly. We discovered the long range penalty goof about half way through the game. The one piece we are still mulling over is when do you nudge other units to make room for charges. The printed rules and FAQs are not real clear. The mods on the forums are very direct with their opinions, but they really need to update the FAQ to match it.

Had a great game though. Was very fun. Reminds me of when I started playing Warhammer. My gaming group is starting a league next week. So hopefully will draw in even more players. Now I just gotta decide on which army to bring. Till next time.

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