Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chaos Assemble!

So this week I've been squeezing as much time as I can into assembling my chaos models. 98% of the army is going to be NIB, and even the stuff I got in trade will need to be finished. So lots to do. Currently I'm working on the battalion set. It has 15 CSM, a rhino, 8 berserkers, and 5 possessed.

I cranked out the berserkers first. GW plastics always act differently to various glues, so I figured I'd choose a unit I had the least interest in to start with. :)

My wife loves it when I confiscate our dining room for my hobbies. Right now though my office is in chaos (pun intended) and I needed a clear space to work in. That cool LED lamp is a gift from said wife-unit for my birthday. Its pretty sweet.

I have to say I really love the chaos models. Marines are cool and all, but the extra touch of chaos makes the models just pop. Though I have to admit, I am not a fan of the Khorne helms.

But, these guys are apparently with the Crimson Slaughter renegade faction, which is the force I'm painting, so they get to stay, silly helms and all. Check out the guy on the far left. I put him on his back foot and gave him a John Woo pose....or maybe a Neo dodging bullets pose...either way, he turned out well.

Next time, chaos rhino and possessed!

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