Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reinforcements Arrive

So the last few days has seen the rest of my chaos force come into being. I've snagged the DV models and have been working on them. I also was able to trade for a few hellbrutes. Now normally I don't really like having duplicate models, but due to the new dataslates for chaos, I have the option now of using all of them.

I also got in my order for the new Attack Force and a new Hellbrute. I've got more than enough models to field a decent sized force for chaos. Yay model addiction!

As far as the assembly line is going, there things have slowed down a little. I'm working on the rhino and have that about 70% done. I've also started on the Possessed unit. The DV models stole some attention for a while since those are so easy to get going. However, I was lucky enough to get quite a few extra ones, so that process is still going on.

Oh, and I also forgot that I got two boxes of beastmen gors to use as close combat cultists. So basically I'm drowning in chaos models.

I haven't snapped any pics lately, but will do that shortly and update the post with those.

In true gamer ADD fashion, I've been keeping a sharp eye out on the new Dystopian Wars ships. They are gorgeous! and I'm practically drooling over them. Once the end of May rolls around, I'm sure they are going to steal the show for a while. I'm going to keep chugging away though at Chaos until then.

Next Up - even more chaos!

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