Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Those damn Spartans!

See, this is exactly what I was talking about. You try and try to work on a solo project to get real progress done, and what goes and happens? I'll tell you what.. new rules get released, and a new starter box.

For what pray tell? For Dystopian Wars, that's what. Darn those fellows at Spartan, they completely snuck an entire new edition of Dystopian Wars onto the world. Granted, it won't release until May 21st...but still. This is exactly what I was waiting for for this game. I love DW, but the rules were too clunky. Now they have a full new version, with a sexy new rulebook, and promised faster number one beef with the game.

Not only that, but then they also release a super cool two player box set as well. So yeah, I got two months to fortify myself with all things Chaos so that I can continue to work on my army. Because we all know as soon as the new DW stuff is released, my gamerADD is gonna kick in and and pull me in a new direction.

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