Saturday, March 28, 2015

Time to get back to the Base-ics

Okay, so I was asked how I do my bases. Warning, this post is very picture heavy.

First off, I start with a coat of Desert Yellow in spray primer form.

Then I do a wash using Strong Tone (from the bottle as opposed from the can).

Next up, a drybrush of Vellejo's Iraqui Sand:

Then I use some watered down Elmers Glue and a brush to apply it. Then I dip it into my flock bucket.

Then I go picking through my woodland scenics bags and pull out some desert brush and green brush pieces to superglue to the base.

Then I finally glued on the finish model...which is a bit of a shame as it covers almost the whole base and all that work. :)

This was my first medium tank to finish and I think it turned out okay. It also matches pretty well with the recon tanks I did earlier.

Hope you enjoyed it. Till next time.

1 comment:

  1. Really nice looking!
    I've got a similar process, albeit with different colours, I really like the molded detail.