Friday, March 27, 2015

Aquan Mediums and the start of the Directorate

So yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, so I went outside and setup my priming bench. First up was the four medium skimmers for the aquans. That new wolf blue primer from Army Painter is just great. Didn't take much at all to get solid coats over the whole model.

Then I pulled out the Directorate recon buggies and a few of their medium vehicles. For these I decided to go with Bright Red from Army Painter. I know this may seem like a bold choice, but actually it comes out pretty well. I've used it before with my Dystopian Wars Blazing Sun forces.

I just need to decide upon some other colors for it. Obviously I can't go with the wooden plank look. :)

However, I have used this color for my 40K Tau as well. Which apparently I have never taken a finished photo of. Hmmmm. Anyways, maybe we'll see some photos after this weekend.

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