Monday, March 16, 2015

Planetfall Game One

So this weekend, my friend Robert and I busted out my two player box set and gave Planetfall a spin. I had spent the last week watching various battle reports and reading the rules and forums. So I felt pretty comfortable with skipping straight to battle 4 in the campaign book. I packed up my warmaster terrain and some FoW card buildings (I haven't put together the spartan pieces yet) and off I went.

Robert owns a directorate fleet for FA, so he got that army...and I played the Aquans. I also own some aquan ships for FA, but haven't used them at all. Now our original plan was to play at our club's meeting space...but alas, it was closed that night for some we headed down to the best LGS in Portland instead (shout out to Guardian Games!). They had some open tables, so I got setting up right away until Robert got there.

As this was a learning game, we knew it was going to take longer than normal to play. Even so though, we got through a full game round in under an hour. That really impressed me. And unfortunately, we did have to flip through the book quite a bit. For instance, I never found where moving Flat Out prevented you from shooting. It wasn't in the flat out area of the rules, and I didn't see it in the shooting rules. (I did find it later that night, it was mentioned one place at the very start of the shooting rules). So I'm going to have to reread the rules quite a few times I think to make sure I get it all down.

That being said, the flow of the game was great. I thought it went really smoothly. Thanks to my warmaster terrain, our table actually looked quite nice with a couple of hills and several forests scattered about. The FoW buildings didn't look too out of place either. Most of the games I have watched, only had the spartan buildings on the table for shot blockers. The woods and hills really made a difference. For instance, our infantry and recon units could not shoot through woods, but the armored units could. Not only that, but the Directorate's wheeled vehicles didn't care too much for all those trees but my aquan hover vehicles zoomed right through them.

I learned some valuable lessons about sky-dropping units. Plus I need to review the rules a bit more on that area because I think we did something wrong (CQB-wise). However, even with that, things went well for the most part.

I am definitely going to be investing more into this game. I really like the 10mm scale. I love how the tabled looked with the terrain on it too. I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to Spartan game.

Oh, we had to cut the game short due to the store closing earlier than expected. As it was, the Directorate was winning 11 to 15. 

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