Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quick Planetfall Update

Hello Gentle Readers,

So I made a little bit of progress on my Aquans yesterday. I have washed all of the models (just to make sure any molding residue is off) and then I busted out the color primers.

The bases got a nice coat of Desert Yellow by Army Painter. I love that color and it works great for bases. I'll most likely hit it with a very light drybrush of a slighly lighter color (or just mix a bit of white in with the desert yellow paint), and then go over with one of their washes. I also have some desert foam tufts that I can glue down to give it some foliage. Really easy and always looks nice (well at least on my FoW bases).

Oh oh idea just hit me. See normally I use Vallejo pumice on my FoW bases in order to hide the raised infantry. I could easily use that stuff on these bases just to give them a few spots of minor elevation. The texture shouldn't look too out of place either. Awe-sommmmmmmmmme. after the bases, I took out my little recon skimmers and hit them with with wolf grey primer from AP. I recently got myself a small Space Wolf force for 40K, so this way this can will perform double duty. It is a really nice blue/gray color. Somewhat dark, but not so dark that an ink won't pick out the recesses. My next step is applying the Ash Grey color to the models. I haven't decided if I want to drybrush this on, or try to hand paint the panels. There are lots of little panels on these models. Since Ash Grey is so light, I'm leaning towards drybrushing because it is safer, and I can still paint over it with any other color.

At this rate, I should have some good progress pics to show you by the weekend. :)


  1. Seems to be giving you some good results.
    I have to agree with you, dry rushing is the way to go, especially on the smalls.
    Have you though about doing a wash on the base?

  2. I do the bases with desert yellow, then a wash of strong tone, then I go back and dry brush it with velljo iraqui sand (model color 819). Then I brush on a little glue in a few spots for the flocking, and a drop of superglue to hold the brush.

  3. Sounds like interesting recipe. Do you have a picture of just the base?

  4. I'm working on the medium skimmers now..I can do a base and post pics.