Thursday, March 12, 2015

Planetfall! (insert cool guitar solo)

Party on Garth! Party on Wayne! This week, Planetfall. Or I suppose, more correctly, Firestorm Planetfall.

This is the new 10mm Sci Fi game from Spartan Games. Now when I say new, it has been out for several is simply new to me, and it is the latest product out from Spartan. I will admit to some hem and hawing over purchasing this game. I own three games from Spartan, but rarely play any of them. This is mostly due to a lack of opponents and a general feeling that the game takes a long time to play.

Well for whatever reason, I recently took a hard look at Planetfall, and I really liked what I saw. In order to make the purchase, I needed to reduce my stockpile of minis and finally made that happen. Well worth the sacrifice.

So I'm sure you guys can find unboxing videos on Youtube. The models are fantastic. I'm not sure exactly how they make these, but damn..they do it well. The level of detail on the models is amazing. I won't be able to paint any of them in dark colors for fear of hiding how awesome these are. I think they also did a great job with the infantry bases. The mixture of static models and plug in models will let there be some individuality to each one and still have incredible depth. I just love the guys that are actually interacting with the scenery. Brilliance.

Lets go down the list of contents:
Models - A+ in my book
Rulebook - A, good size, readable, examples
Dice - B - they are dice, and appropriately colored :)
Terrain - B - it looks good, both sides of the card are printed, so you have an option as to what you want the building to look like. My only somewhat complaint, is why not use plasti-card? You have clear acrylic frames, and then printed card stock. Why not just use printed plasti-card? That way you can skip the acrylic completely. I have models from a few games that use it and it was pretty decent for what it was...I mean it is so close to the printed cardstock...not a huge complaint obviously...but something they might want to consider in the future.
Templates - C - and the reason here, is because the darn token sheet is not pre-cut. They have pre-cut templates...but not the tokens. Now I think I know why...they would not be able to have the same size tokens or as many on a page if they had pre-cut...but seriously...I'd rather have smaller tokens then to have to go through the pain of cutting them myself. Small annoyance...but you'd think they could have done this.

Overall though, the product gets a big huge A out of me. Stacked full of models, terrain, a fairly clear ruleset, tokens and templates, dice...and a scenario book to get you right into the action. Oh, and they do include resin objective markers too...again..a nice touch. I need to hurry up and show this off locally so I can suck some more peeps in. :)

Till next time....

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