Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Plans within plans

So I went to my favorite LGS to buy the Relthozan Core Helix so I could get started on my bugs! But alas, I was foiled when my favorite LGS did not have said Core Helix. So instead I walked out with some color primer and a nice blue ink.

So I have a plan. The plan is to prime the vehicles with the new spray primer (wolf grey). I will prime the bases with another color primer (desert yellow). I will then ink the vehicles with the new blue ink, and then I will either drybrush Ash Grey over the top half...or I'll try to carefully paint the panels with the Ash Grey. By the way, these are all Army Painter colors.

I'm still debating on using orange for the energy colors, or something else...like light blue or light green? The end result, will be spaceships with a light top half, a darker bottom half, a nice bluish detail lining...and then some other color effect for the energy. All of this over desert style bases.

The bases will be inked with my standard brown ink, and then I have various desert-ish flocking to sprinkle about. I think it will look nice and be pretty easy to do.

Fairly excited about this. The models aren't many...they aren't overly large...so it should be possible to do most of them over a weekend as long as the priming can get done.

I also need to bust out my Dystopian Wars models to check the armored bases sizes that came with them. If they are the same, then I can safely order some Dystopian Armored Clash foam trays from Battlefoam which will work with my Planetfall guys.

It would be fantastic if I could get my aquans all painted up before my Relthoza arrive.

Which, by the way, I'm going to keep the desert base theme with them as well, but was going to do a light green as the base for them. Have to see what Army Painter has and if I like it or not. Just need to figure out what the other colors to compliment would be. Hmmmmmmm....

Well till next time...with some WIP pics if you are lucky and I'm not lazy :)

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